"Omnipresent plague"
Cigarette butts have colonized the planet and contaminated it with their insidious poisons. They are everywhere: on the beach, in the street, in the sea… even in the stomachs of birds and fish that ingest them, including fish species we eat. Thrown into the forest, cigarette butts not only continue to pollute, but also start many fires. On the production side, tobacco fields lead to massive deforestation and require 185,000 metric tons of pesticides annually, for without them, these monocultures would only wither away.
The Environmental Initiation Center developed a major communication campaign to alert the general public. Its graphic design is based on a visual confrontation of causes and consequences. Cigarette butts are a permanent threat, like a cleaver about to fall, because they deteriorate, destroy and poison everything they touch.
All consumers can take action by quitting smoking now or throwing their butts in the trash. This gesture is far from trivial, because in the few minutes needed to read this text, some nine million additional cigarettes were thrown away.
The campaign was rolled out via billboards, bus shelters and in the press, as well as in a special exhibition. It received wide media support and was often followed by articles on the pollution caused by cigarette butts. The Environment Initiation Center has also been asked many times to talk about this major public health problem.
Client: Environmental initiation center
Work done @ MBDG
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