"Scarlet foliage"
Since 2008, the sustainable development design office "Envie" (short for Environment) has been performing energy diagnostics, carbon audits, floristic studies and other services for public and private organizations. It also advises and provides its expertise on HQE initiatives, the design of eco-districts and waste management. Its watchword is, "Reconciling ecological and economic interests".
We developed a logo in vibrant shades of red to symbolize this passion for protecting the environment. It takes its inspiration from a tree well known in the Asia-Pacific: the blue marble tree. The young leaves of the tree form sparkling clusters of glowing red leaves. This exclusive foliage clearly sets them apart from other trees in the forest canopy. In India, its seeds are used for rosaries and are called Rudraksha (or, “eye of Shiva”). In New Caledonia, blue marble trees are commonly included in re-vegetation programs, for their ornamental.
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