“Vital fluid” 
The keystone of all ecosystems, access to water is one of the major challenges of the coming decades. New Caledonia, with its tropical climate tempered by oceanic influences, is particularly concerned by the challenge of sustained access to water in sufficient quality and quantity. Although the territory is regularly affected by long periods of drought, water drawn from groundwater remains relatively accessible for the time being. However, this may give the illusion of infinite availability, thus leading to excessive or even totally unreasonable use.
The shared water policy in New Caledonia therefore seeks to maintain a good balance between:
- Quality and quantity of water
- Quality and health of all Caledonians
- Preservation of the environment (watersheds, aquatic environments, water tables, etc.).
Raising public awareness of these water-related issues is also one of the objectives of the shared water policy. To make sure no-one is forgotten, any communication media has to be as close as possible to the population. This approach will be expressed through a traveling exhibition in the form of a caravan that will travel through villages and among tribes.
Work on the graphic identity of the event began with the creation of a logo whose image was to be immediately reminiscent of water and easily identifiable. It also had to express the idea of sharing, complementarity and multiplicity.
The final version of the logo meets these specifications by playing on the universal and immediate recognition of a simple form (the drop). The graphic transcription of the shimmering surface of the water symbolizes the endless uses and needs of this precious liquid ... In short, it sums up the need for everyone to know how to share.
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