" Horses country " 

Inseparable from the Caledonian territory, intimately linked to its history, the horse occupies a privileged place in the hearts of the inhabitants of the “caillou”. A reality sublimated by the work of two talented photographers: Nicolas Petit and Claude Beaudemoulin in a 144-page book magnificently printed by Escourbiac, the photo book specialist in France. 
To obtain this result crowned with the Popaï prize (best literary work in documentary category awarded in 2020 by the New Caledonia‘s government ), a long photographic selection work was carried out in collaboration with the two authors. From the cover to the very last pages, the presence or absence of a cliché, the dialogue between each image has been the subject of heated but constructive debates. 
Popaï Prize 2020
NC TV la 1re
Photographers : Nicolas Petit & Claude Beaudemoulin
Texts : Hervé Coquoin
Work done @ MBDG
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