"Live in better, spend less!"
In partnership with the "Centre d'Initiation à l'Environnement" (CIE) and the "Agence Calédonienne de l'Energie" (ACE), this is the challenge offered to all by the "Point Info Energie" (PIE). Those who wish to take up the challenge will be able to rely on a new guide developed for this purpose. Entitled: “Building with the climate in new Caledonia”, the work offered free of charge by the non-profit service is available in digital and paper versions.
Synthetic, this forty-page booklet is intended for a very large audience (city dwellers, peri-urban, bushmen, tribesmen, etc.). Through fifteen sections, it presents the main principles of bioclimatic architecture. Throughout the pages, we understand why habitat and environment are intimately linked. You will learn, among other things, how to cool your home naturally, how to use low-cost lighting, or how to use solar energy to produce domestic hot water...
Educational, the booklet presents many plans and diagrams that allow you to understand how to limit, from construction, unnecessary energy expenditure, and reduce it in an existing home. In each section, readers will find advice or an idea that is easy to implement. Indeed, technical terms and standards in the building world do not always make it easier for those who want to build or renovate.Minimalist, the illustrations and pictograms used in the guide simplify the reading and the comparison between good and bad solutions. They help readers see more clearly with concrete situations. An iconographic “battle”, for example, makes it possible to retain the essential.
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Clients: Point Info Energie / Centre d'Initiation à l'Environnement

Work done @ MBDG
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