"Pink is the new black" 
On September 18, 2015, the 1000mercis agency (now called Numberly) celebrated its 15th anniversary. The event was celebrated at the city of fashion and design with partners, employees and customers in attendance. The visual identity of the vent was based on Pink, the agency’s emblematic color. It also inspired its name: “Pink fifteen”.
The various elements constituting the main visual seek to celebrate this nuance, evoking all forms of passion.
Because of its exoticism, eccentricity, unique silhouette and natural elegance, the flamingo was the natural choice as lead actor. The supporting actor is a sparkling representative of the plant kingdom, its name evocative of travel and reverie, the bird of paradise! Graphically, its floral construction echoes the plumage of the flamingo and the overall radial image inevitably draws our attention. The white logo title block against a midnight blue background plays with contrasts and enhances this attraction. Embellished with a very Haussmannian ornamentation, the "15 years" pastille is a nod to the agency's premises in a building that echoes the style of the 9th arrondissement of Paris.
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