"A refuge for life" 
The Environmental Initiation Center created the Duck Island underwater trail (SSM) in 2001 and has managed it since then. Exceptionally biodiverse, this aquatic course offers its visitors a unique immersive experience, unveiling a fantastic universe to those lucky enough to dive here. 
They will discover a space with a thousand colors, populated by strange shapes where it’s hard to distinguish mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. Their eyes will be captured by gracefully swimming green turtles or stingrays, as they pass through a quivering cloud of small multicolored fish, which usually congregate around a large coral reef. Reflecting a healthy coral ecosystem, this ensemble of coral and fish forms a very distinctive silhouette and therefore an ideal graphic base for creating a logo. This base acts simultaneously as attachment, balance and visual convergence point, attracting the two bicolor fish and anchoring the wave that underscores the initials SSM.
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