" Where trees are kings "

Rich in an exceptional plant heritage, New Caledonia had to develop 4-stars forestry. SAEM Sud Forêt therefore imposed strict specifications. It cultivates almost exclusively endemic species, gradually orientates its model towards a majority of HQE plantations, participates in environmental reconstruction programs without any cutting objective, studies the inter-species relationships through an agroforestry plot and does not use any phytosanitary product...

The graphic design of the company's website, through the enhancement of this natural heritage, helps to underline Sud Forêt's desire to preserve this incredible biodiversity. The site's visual identity is a continuation of that initially developed for the company's brochure, with plants as a major source of inspiration. Seeds, seedlings, plants and trees constitute the raw material used by Sud Forêt. Tomorrow, they will redefine the landscapes and protect the land from erosion.

Incredibly aesthetic, this 100% vegetable raw material could only occupy a central place in the graphic identity of the company. The most interesting natural elements, plastically speaking, were the subject of a live tethering photoshoot to be specifically highlighted on the site. The very magnificent landscapes drawn by the different plantations were captured by the talented photographer Nicolas Petit. Finally, significant illustrative work has been carried out to underline the high level of requirement imposed by Sud Forêt to respect, preserve and promote the maintenance of ecosystem services provided by the natural sites on which SAEM operates.
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Landscape photos : Nicolas Petit

Work done @ MBDG
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