A thousand colors world 
Only a few minutes by boat from the shores of Noumea, Duck Island is an incredible place teeming with life, especially underwater. As beautiful as it is fragile, this incredible biodiversity needed a whole new signage system, combining clarity, attractiveness and information, to raise awareness among both children and adults.
The location and communication tools were chosen in line with the different phases in visitors' trips. Special attention was paid to times when they were waiting or traveling (ticket line, boat crossing, snorkeling equipment rental, etc.).
Five large display panels have been set up along this route, and there’s also a booklet to provide more details on the biodiversity of Duck Island and the Center for Introduction to the Environment (CIE), which created snorkeling course in 2001 and still manages it. All texts have been translated into the main languages spoken by visitors: French, English and Japanese. Visitors with smartphones can scan the QR codes at the bottom of the panels and use social media to enhance their experience.
Large round signs have been designed to be carried by the local team of volunteers who work here. This helps staff communicate remotely with the users of the underwater trail.
Client: Centre d'Initiation à l'Environnement
Work done @ MBDG
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