"Suistainable forestry"
Founded in 2012, SAEM Sud Forêt aims to revive forestry in New Caledonia, providing both social and environmental benefits. The territory currently imports 95% of its timber. Developing a local industry would offer the possibility of long-term jobs, along with significant and sustainable storage of CO2, while providing a key material for eco-construction, a market that is booming in metropolitan France and starting to develop in New Caledonia.
The use of wood was only natural to build the graphic identity of Sud Forêt. On this A5 brochure (two flaps with central fold), the wood rings evoke the passing of time and the growth of the tree. For the company, wood rings express many values, starting with wisdom and temperance. The wisdom to let the trees develop, without felling them as soon as possible, and the temperance to favor selective cuts over clear cuts and therefore to prioritize higher-quality wood rather than an immediate benefit.
The cover page focus is on the cook pine (araucaria columnaris). Its iconic silhouette is a feature throughout the Caledonian landscape, making it one of the country's major symbols. Its straight and slender trunk, plus its soft and light wood make it particularly suitable for forestry.
The gum oak leaf and trunk section on pages 2 and 3 are “x-rayed” to symbolize Sud Forêt's commitment to making the preservation and enhancement of ecosystems its core objective.
Client: Sud Forêt
Work done @ MBDG
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