" Tomorrow's forestry "

SAEM Sud Forêt practices environmentally friendly forestry. From seed to adult tree, all stages are optimized to be as eco-responsible as possible. The entire cycle is part of a virtuous circle translated here into images through this computer graphics produced in isometric 3D.

Emphasis was placed on the diversity of cultivated species, representing three of the most emblematic: Araucaria, Agathis and Pinus. The graphic treatment reserved for the latter emphasizes the natural aesthetic of the trees by representing them with a semi-realistic textured aspect illustrating the diversity of the foliage. Sud Forêt overwhelmingly favors endemic species but above all, limits monospecific plantations. It is in fact poly-specific and High Environmental Quality plantations that provide the greatest number of ecosystem services to biodiversity and to local populations. (More and more varied food resources, limited soil impoverishment and erosion, storage and deep drainage of rainwater maximized.
This infographic printed on A0 format flexible panel allows SAEM to raise public awareness of good silvicultural practices, which are still too little generalized.
Client: Sud Forêt
Work done @MBDG
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