"Vituous circle"
The intelligence of plants by Stefano Mancuso, The secret life of trees, by Peter Wohleben, The life of plants by Emanuele Coccia, these 3 literary successes mark an undeniable enthusiasm of the public for the plant world. Collaboration, communication, exchanges... Plants, trees and forests never cease to surprise us and reveal to us the many ecosystem services they deliver and which directly or indirectly benefit all living things, whether human or non-human.
This illustration and layout work entrusted by WWF New Caledonia aims to:
- Emphasize the dynamic nature of all forest ecosystems,
- Measure the anthropogenic causalities of disturbances (on forest ecosystems),
- Understand the consequences for populations (when forest ecosystems are damaged),
- Promote the commitment of local populations to sustainably preserve forests,
- Detail part of the ecosystem services provided by forests.
Most of these services are essential to us. If the creation of oxygen comes first to mind, we could also cite the deep drainage of rainwater which limits soil erosion. Groundwater recharge, which provides local populations with access to water, especially in the dry season. The lowering of temperatures, the accommodation of a large biodiversity, the accessibility to a place of walk, escape and wonder. Finally, wood, as an operating product, will provide an excellent building material. These services are sustainable if the forest ecosystem is preserved. The latter then operates in a virtuous circle. Conversely, when the forest is weakened, degraded or razed, the cycle is reversed, ecosystem services are reduced or disappear... The runoff of rainwater wrench the soil, blurs and disturbs the waters of the rivers and the lagoon, the water tables are no longer recharged and the populations lack water. In New Caledonia, fires regularly devastate the mainland and ravage many hectares of forest. With them disappear the benefits and advantages that the populations derived from them.
Originally created for a communication campaign based on the results of a decade of reforestation, this illustration is now used as a teaching aid in schools in New Caledonia and the Fiji Islands. It appears on a double page in the 2019 WWF study on assessing the capacity of forests to protect water. Thumbnails in appropriate formats illustrating the various ecosystem services were also broadcasted on social networks during the Water Week.
Client: WWF

Work done @ MBDG
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